This Week's Missing Links, April 21, 2012

Here's a bunch of stories I didn't write, a bunch of videos I didn't post, and a bunch of photos I just didn't call out for whatever reason this week. I like them all and think they're worth your time. Please let me know if there's anything I missed. (And yes, I got this idea from Not Exactly Rocket Science.)


Man proposes to fiance just before the finish of the Boston Marathon, with a surprise revelation about the ring. (She's too tired, and happy, to care.)

The Mercurial Life and Mysterious Death of Sammy Wanjiru, By David Epstein

If you can't stand the the Boston Marathon.

Just how much water do champion marathoners drink?


A detailed look into the fight for survival on the Costa Concordia.

"It's amazing they didn't get cold feet." On an explorer's wedding at the North Pole.

OK, they've been up for more than a week, but you should watch the Billabong XXL videos.

A pretty cool old climb—the first winter summit of an 8,000-meter peak—brought to life in an online comic book.


Maker to give away 1 million downloads for National Park App.

Health and Fitness

An 800-year-old recipe packed into a new bar.

Study finds soda increases stroke risk.

How Exercise Will Lead to a Better Brain, By Gretchen Reynolds

Technology and Gear

Alexis Madrigal on a fresh paradigm shift for technology startups.

The Top 10 Kickstarter projects. A simple watch design crushes everything else.

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