Expedition Watch: Skiing Volcanoes

Chris Davenport in Alaska, by Christian Pondella/Red Bull

Skier Chris Davenport has set his next goal. On May 5, the man who skied all of Colorado’s 14ers in less than a year packs into an RV with some friends for a south-to-north, three-week road trip to ski the volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest. “It’s kind of a spring project,” he says. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time—just getting out and seeing a new part of the country."

He’ll be sharing his journey on social media and the Spyder website. In this special as-told-to version of Expedition Watch, he dishes on the details of his next big project.

Origin: The idea came from a project I did in 2006 where I was skiing all of these 14,000 peaks in Colorado. During that time, in April of 2006, I had a camper RV for a month. I hit the road in Colorado with a bunch of friends and we did 22 14ers. It was such a cool, grassroots experience—going from trailhead to trailhead, getting up at three or four in the morning, hitting the mountain, getting down, having a big meal, moving to the next zone, and doing it all over again. It’s the most fit I’ve ever been, and I wanted to replicate that experience.

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