The Best Yoga Poses For Cyclists: Downward-Facing Dog

Long hauls in the saddle got you sore? These four yoga poses will stretch your trouble spots.

May 10, 2012
Outside Magazine
Downward dog

Downward dog    Photo: BODY of Santa Fe

1. Start in a high pushup position with the hands directly under the shoulders.
2. Lift the hips up and back and drop the heels toward the floor to come into an inverted “V” shape.
3. Walk the hands back in toward the feet a couple of inches and drop the heels back even further.
4. Spread the fingers wide apart.
5. Press through the palms to lift the hips even higher up and back.
6. Relax the neck and let the head hang.
7. Hold the position and breathe evenly and deeply for one minute.

THE REASON: Downward dog will not only open the lower back, it will also strengthen it, giving you structural support when you’re on the bike.

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