Lessons From a Tour of California Team Car

Descending Glendora Ridge RoadHigh-speed descent of Glendora.

It seemed like such a good idea: Ride along in a Team SpiderTech chase car on the queen stage of the Amgen Tour of California. Day seven’s finale to the 6,500-foot parking lot on Mt. Baldy always promised drama, especially as six GC contenders entered the race huddled within 67 seconds of the race lead. And with two SpiderTech riders aspiring to factor in the finish, second-in-mountains-classification David Boily and perennial workhorse and nice guy Lucas Euser, seeing the action up close from the front seat of their team car was bound to deliver some thrills. But while I buckled up expecting the electric fun of a good amusement park ride, what really transpired felt more like the gut churn you get when a carny ride nearly comes off the rails.

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