What Happens to an Icebreaker Wool T-Shirt When You Wear It for Two Weeks Straight?


There are a lot of claims about merino, particularly around its anti-stink properties. Companies like Icebreaker are constantly claiming that you can wear their woolies day after day and they won't smell.

A few weeks ago, because it was a rainy week and we weren't out riding our mountain bikes every free second, we had some time to dream up a little experiment: to see if the anti-stink claims were true. We recruited a subject for our experiment, Dana Allen, 31, writer, photographer and grad student at the University of Vermont's College of Plant and Soil Sciences, studying ecological landscape design. We asked Dana to wear an Icebreaker Men's Tech Tee Lite for two weeks, and to journal about how the shirt smelled. We recommended that maybe the second week of the test he should make sure that his finacée was out of town.

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