Telluride MountainFilm Festival Kicks Off: 6 Must-See Movies

HomeMTF06-main st bannerNo better place to be on Memorial Day weekend. Photo: MountainFilm

Telluride MountainFilm Festival kicks off today— always one of the best reasons to decamp to this gorgeous box canyon in southern Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. The schedule’s packed with outdoor screenings, panel discussions, power breakfasts with a who’s-who of adventure icons, and a Memorial Day wrap-up picnic. (Not to mention some of the most inspiring environmental, cultural and action flicks of the year, including heart-thumping footage from the usual suspects: Dean Potter, Andy Lewis, aka, “Sketchy Andy," and Jimmy Chin.)

But adrenaline’s not the only thing on the agenda. Mountainfilm gives lots of love to quieter—though no less aspirational—outdoor pursuits, from a guy who lives his life on his bike to a backcountry nursery school in Scotland to the story of teenage girl ski jumpers and youth activists who are suing the government for global warming and the kid-friendly animated eco-shorts “Do Unto Otter” and “Hi! I’m a Nutria.” Here are our top five picks for the must-see sleepers of the long weekend:

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