Adventure Video of the Week: 'Huck'

To capture kayaker Evan Garcia dropping 70 feet off Outlet Falls, filmmaker Andy Maser and two friends set up four cameras for a day of shooting near White Salmon, Washington. The crew used a RED Scarlet, two Canon 7Ds, and a Go Pro to get the action shots they needed, but Maser was after more than simple paddle porn.  

"In the last 10 years, running big waterfalls has steadily consumed the public image of whitewater kayaking. Too frequently the highly skilled athletes that routinely paddle huge waterfalls safely are brushed off as crazy and reckless by those outside of the sport. At the same time, self-produced athlete media is dominated by partying and drunk-human-tricks," says Maser. "The goal of Huck was to strip all of that away and show the true essence of what it takes to paddle off of 70-plus-foot waterfalls on a regular basis."

In the 23-year-old Garcia, Maser knew he had the perfect character.

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