The Tiny Airfoils That Could Save You Money at the Gas Pump

Gaspods-colors-to-match-carBob Evans' GasPod devices. Photo: GasPods

Armed with an engineering degree that he earned not from a university but from "watching nature," and with years of experimenting and designing better scuba fins, a Santa Barbara-based entrepreneur has created a small airfoil called a GasPod that could significantly improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency over a lifetime of driving.

Bob Evans spent his formative years in Hermosa Beach and became a deep-sea diver and photographer. But an idea he had for improving swimming fins turned him into an inventor, reports Pacific Standard magazine. He copied the V-shaped fins he saw in fish and other sea-life to develop his own line of swimming and diving fins, called Force Fins. From there, he took what he'd learned about fluid dynamics from developing better fins—which move through water with less effort from the swimmer, compared to conventional fins—and applied it to the dynamics of air moving over a vehicle.

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