'Outside' Takes on the Teva Mountain Games

Photo: Nick Davidson

This past weekend, we sent a good chunk of our staff up to Vail to cover and compete in the Teva Mountain Games. For those of you not familiar with the event, over the past 11 years it’s evolved into a bona fide festival: athletes from around the world compete in 24 different races over the course of four days. But that’s just part of it. Nearly every event, from bouldering to mountain biking to fly-fishing, also has recreational divisions. And then there’s everything else, from free concerts and film series to slacklining and SUP demonstrations to mud runs and the always-popular dogs-jumping-into-water events.

The resulting mash-up of athletes and revelers makes for a pretty fun mix: you’ve got guys like pro cyclist Tom Danielson, who decided at the last minute to show up and smoke the competition in the road bike time trail, clomping around in their spandex kit and tear-dropped aero helmet. But you’ve also got visor-wearing fly fisherman; superfit moms and dads pulling bike-trailers filled with kids; and just about everybody in-between. And dogs—lots and lots of dogs, everywhere.

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