The Best Mancations: Catch a 20-Pound Atlantic Salmon in Russia

Ponoi River Camp, Russia

Ponoi River Camp, Russia

Dawn breaks over the Ponoi River Camp    Photo: Frontiers Travel

The owner of Ponoi River Camp, Ilya Sherbovich, was one of 10 delegates to successfully lobby Vladimir Putin to uphold restrictive sport-fishing regulations on the Kola Peninsula. What this means: As Sherobovich’s guest, dad can relax and focus on catching 20-pound Atlantic salmon. With three luxuriously rustic camps—Ryabaga, Brevyeni, and Purnache—fishermen can have their own stretch of the easy-flowing 200- to 500-foot-wide Ponoi to themselves. Skated dry flies work best. Because the wilderness is still intact here, Ponoi is a haven for ducks, songbirds, falcons, and eagles. The five-course dinner will likely involve salmon, reindeer tenderloin, and definitely involve a vodka toast. There’s even a masseuse on staff to massage sore shoulders.

From $3,990 to $15,990 per person per week; Frontiers Travel.

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