Cycling Shootout: 4 New Helmets

Up this week in our series of head-to-head reviews are helmets. With more and more manufacturers jumping into the head-protection fray, the options are enormous and often overwhelming. And with top models going for $250 and up, it's easy to wonder whether you need to spend a lot of money for a lid. The answer is no, with a caveat.

As with most gear, extra money buys lightweight and more refinement. For instance, we absolutely love the nonexistent feel of the Giro Aeon, especially in endurance events that require the extra weight of a helmet-mounted light. It's crazy light (190 grams), the fit system is one of the best out there, and the ventilation is superb. Having said that, it's no safer than any other helmet, so if crash-protection is a higher priority for you than nuance, other helmets will serve your purposes for a lot less cash.


Rudy Project Windmax ($295)

It's the most expensive helmet we've worn, and at 254 grams it's not even close to the lightest out there. So what's to like about the Windmax? Plenty, actually.

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