Galleries We Like: Skiing and Mountain-Biking Israel

Skiing Mount Hermon. Photo: Kari Medig

In April, a skier on the Lebanese side of Mount Hermon was injured by machine gun fire coming from Syrian border guards. The Israeli side of the mountain, located in the Golan Heights region, also features a ski resort. It’s the latest place Kari Medig has traveled to photograph adventure amidst conflict. The Nelson, British Columbia-based lensman grew up in a house with outdoor-loving parents who stocked their shelves with National Geographic and Time Life books. His favorite photographers began their careers as journalists. After college, he started down that same path, shooting for the local papers in and around Vancouver. After getting noticed at the 2008 TELUS Pro Photo Showdown in Whistler, he made the transition to freelance sports, travel, and adventure photography. We called him up to see what initially attracted him to Israel and what he learned during his trip.

Check out Kari Medig’s gallery of Skiing and Mountain-Biking Israel.

It seems like a lot of the adventure galleries on your web site come from a photojournalist’s perspective.
Pure action photography does not hold my interest for very long. I mean, I’m like any other guy, you like hucking shots, but what interests me most is the people who are actually doing the sports. I look for the little details surrounding the sport that often seem absurd in contrast to the sport itself. There are so many of these details in a place like Israel, and that is what drew me there.

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