This Week's Missing Links, June 16

The stories, videos, and photos I didn't post—until now.


High up a wall, Yosemite's silverfish greet Alex Honnold. The New York Times

Three-legged gator attacks homeless man at camp, then an attempted murder follows. The Gainesville Sun

A 72-year-old wins The Dipsea. Runner's World

Photos of the world's best surfers at Cloudbreak. Surfer

Alaska man survives horrific bear attack. The New York Daily News

The defacto leader of the barefoot running movement. Outside

Meet skier Aidan Sheahan. Powder

Prince Charles drove the Aston Martin to the beach to catch a few waves. The Daily Mail

Video from inside the tube at Cloudbreak. YouTube

Keeping a mountain-rescue team on its game. The New York Times

Two ocean rowers rescued. Explorer's Web

El Cap sees first all-disabled ascent. Climbing

All of questons you wanted answered about all of the Lance Armstrong and co. doping charges. OK, maybe not all. ESPN

Hunting monsters in the night. Outside

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