On Auction: The IMBA Niner

Niner Bikes IMBA S.I.R. 9Bid to win this S.I.R. 9 IMBA edition and support trail advocacy with your entry.

Yesterday at Bike Press Camp in Park City, Utah, Niner Bikes launched a fully revised edition of it's venerable S.I.R. 9 mountain bike. That's Steel Is Real for you acronym-impaired. This bike has been a fixture in the big-wheel specialist's line for ages, but the 2012 edition is certainly the most refined version ever.

Eschewing the perception that steel is obsolete as a bike-building material, the S.I.R. 9 pairs the lightest tubing out there (Reynolds 853 DZB) with every modern detailing available. "Steel tends to get overlooked these days, but it has a very particular ride characteristic," says Carla Huckee, Niner's brand manager. "We wanted to build a production bike that you could only otherwise get from a custom frame builder."

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