Rules of the Rope: Climbing With Babies

By Erica Lineberry

When I got pregnant in the summer of 2009, I was shocked at how matter-of-fact people were with their “advice.” Most annoying to me were the comments around my husband’s and my recreational pursuits, specifically climbing: “Kiss all those crazy weekend climbing trips goodbye!” and “I guess you’re not climbing anymore, so what are you guys gonna do for fun instead?” or even “It’s about time you guys settled down and stopped all that climbing business!”

P1160470Baby below! Photo: Lloyd Ramsey

I’m sure that most, if not all, of those statements were made out of ignorance rather than cruel intentions. I can brush them off now, but they didn’t sit well with me as a large hormonal pregnant woman, nor did they sound any better when I was a sleep-deprived new parent with cabin fever. Fortuntately, we don’t get those comments anymore. I think we’ve proven that even though we may not fit into the typical mold of most American families, we’re doing what works for us—and, more importantly, having a blast.

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