Tarahumara Indians Increasingly Used as Drug Runners

Tarahumara Indians, the tribe made famous in Christopher McDougall's book Born to Run, are being used more and more by traffickers to ferry drugs across the U.S. border with Mexico. Aram Roston has written a detailed feature for Newsweek on the practice, titled "Mexican Drug War's Next Victims: Tarahumara Indian Runners."

“You get a guy who can go 50 miles with almost no water ... they’ve been indirectly training for [cross-border smuggling] for 10,000 years,” says Christopher McDougall in the article. “It’s just tragic and disgraceful. This is a culture that has tried its best to stay out of this mess, all of these messes—the messes of the world—and now the messes have come and found them.”

Below is an excerpt from the story detailing the increase seen by U.S. defense lawyers.

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