Behind the Scenes of the Women's 100m Photo Finish

Probably the most talked about moment at the Olympic trials so far has been the dead heat finish declared in the women's 100m final last Saturday. Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh crossed the finish line at almost the same time, if not the same time, for third place. The runner that took third would have a chance to compete for the United States in the Olympics. After review, the finish evaluator declared Tarmoh unofficially in third place. Later, the USATF declared the race a tie. With no process in place to resolve a tie, the USATF made up a new rule that would have the runners run a tiebreaker, flip a coin, or willingly give up their spot. That's the background on the start of the dead heat resolution, but Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden has written a great piece that takes a step back and goes behind the scenes of the photo finish evaluation.

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