Would You Run in a Hamster Wheel to Save the Earth?

Green_wheel_mockupA mockup of the Green Wheel. Photo: Nadim Inaty

Okay, you won't save the earth. But you will help it along a tiny bit.

Nadim Inaty, an industrial designer from Beirut, Lebanon, is developing a public treadmill that would essentially crowdsource electricity from runners. The concept, which Inaty has dubbed Green Wheel, converts kinetic energy produced by a runner inside what is essentially a hamster wheel into electricity.

A single runner could generate about 120 watts in a half hour. That's a minuscule amount of power. It could power a compact fluorescent light bulb for about five hours. Big deal. But if multiple wheels were installed throughout a city and they were regularly used, well, that would create more power, but still not that much. That's not really the point, however.

"There’s a huge lack of knowledge in our community and society about how much energy we consume and what it takes to produce it," says Inaty. The Green Wheel is a way to harvest small amounts of wasted energy, sure, but it's more symbolic than practical.

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