Feedback, August 2012

Contributing editor Eric Hansen has long been our go-to guy for offbeat stories, because he has a special knack for getting people to—how should we put it—open up. Not surprisingly, his piece about competing in the Quidditch World Cup ("Quoosiers," June) had Harry Potterheads up in arms. "The weekend of World Cup was the best two days of my life," wrote Mary Johnston online, "so I'm disappointed that Outside gave the responsibility of covering such a fantastic tournament to someone who had no respect for the sport." Wrote Lindsay Fussell, "The fact that the Outside team won over a team that played credibly and legitimately still blows my mind." Hansen's tale even inspired a 1,300-word rant on Tumblr from QuidditchElitist, who wrote that "the jackassery in this article is unparalleled." Of course, many readers recognized the humor in the story—and in the ensuing backlash. "I love seeing people who probably hated on athletes their entire lives while playing Pokemon get bent out of shape when someone talks smack about their cute little sport," wrote Fullcontactcosplay. "It's revenge of the nerds come to life!" wrote another. Regrettably, Hansen, after watching his wife get creamed while standing on the sideline and having his team rack up at least a dozen injuries, has no plans to gield another squad. That may be for the best. "If the Outside team ever plays again," wrote Another Quidkid, "you're going to be in for a world of hurt, because no one insults our teams and gets away with it!" We've been warned.

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