Deer Stands Gone Wild

Deer_stand_largeThis illegal deer stand is bigger than most Manhattan studios. Photo: St. Louis County Land and Minerals Dept.

Deer hunters wait. They find a good spot in the forest, and they wait. To get a better vantage, they might climb into a tree or build a stand by attaching a small platform to a tree. But some deer hunters are taking serious liberties with their deer stands.

"What we're into here is the tree house mentality, that we all carry from our youth," says Robert Krepps, the land commissioner of St. Louis County, Minnesota. He's referring to hunters building structures that well exceed the size and scope of traditional deer stands. County officials are finding what are essentially cabins, complete with windows, insulation, and heaters, built into trees on public lands.

"This is a group that is, more and more, going toward comfort rather than what others endure [while hunting]," Krepps says. A commenter on an Associated Press story on the trend toward ever-larger and comfortable deer stands registered his opinion quite succinctly, suggesting that if they wanted to be indoors, "These hunters should get an Xbox."

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