5 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Road Ride

By Jen Charrette

As we look out the window at our friend’s house in Golden, Colorado, Kalden’s eyes fix on Lookout Mountain. “I want to ride up that,” he says as he gets ready for his second road bike ride ever. Is he a wannabe cyclist who has watched too many Tour de France stages? Probably. But he’s only seven, so don’t be too hard on him.

After years of seeing mom and dad roll out of the house on road rides and countless hours watching pro tours on TV, Kalden wanted a road bike. Actually, he has been begging and pleading for one since he was five. We finally felt he was mentally and physically ready for one. He was set on the Scott Speedster JR 24. I’d like to say he took the time to research it, but really he liked the colors, so we sprang for it. 

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