The New Scott Genius: Enter the 27er (a.k.a. 650B)

Testing the Scott GeniusPushing the new Genius hard in Sun Valley, Idaho.

We've been saying for awhile that one of the big stories in cycling for 2013 will be the rise of the 650B wheel in mountain bikes. Of course this 'tweener wheel size that splits the difference between 26 and 29 has been around; we've been impressed for years by Jamis' forays (such as the Dragon and Dakar). But with component giants including DT Swiss, Fox, and Rockshox set to unveil full 650B suspension and wheel offerings next year, medium-size wheels are poised to go, ahem ... big.

We've already seen 650B salvos from smaller companies this season (such as the forthcoming Turner Burner), but two weeks ago in Sun Valley, Idaho, Scott became the first major bike manufacturer to get behind the trend. In conjunction with the second annual Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival, timed around the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships, Scott launched the 2013 Genius 900 (29er) and Genius 700 (650B, or 27er in Scott speak). The two bikes replace the existing Genius, with the small wheels (and pull-shock design) phased out, though the all mountain Genius LT goes forward as a 26er.

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