Adventure Video of the Week: The Warrior

In the latest video from the series Of Souls+Water, director Skip Armstrong and producer Anson Fogel profile river surfer Christopher Peterson. Peterson grew up on the North Shore of Hawaii and found himself fighting for everything in his life, from his place in the local lineups to his place in surfing as a whole. It wasn't until his grandma called and asked him to come live with her in Idaho that he changed his outlook, a story that's told in more detail in The Warrior.

This is the fourth film in the Of Souls+Water series, and it includes elements not found in the first three. The main character is a bit rougher around the edges. The beginning of the film is held together by still shots, rather than by an edit of slow-mo shots and time in the water that dominate the other shorts and the second half of this one. To get a bit more perspective on how the team at Forge Motion Pictures found, filmed, and edited so many different adventure profiles, I interviewed director Skip Armstrong.

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