'Outside' Exclusive: Les Stroud Returns to Discovery Channel as 'Survivorman'

Les Stroud in Norway. Photo: Discovery

After almost a four-year absence, 50-year-old survival expert Les Stroud will return as Survivorman on Sunday August 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern. Earlier this year, Stroud traveled to the mountains of Norway and the desert island of Tiburon in Mexico to record four new hour-long shows for Discovery. He left as he always does, without food and water while hauling 65 pounds of camera gear to record his every move. Everything was the same, except this time Stroud decided to up the ante by spending 10 days alone in the wilderness instead of the usual week. The trips bring his Survivorman totals to 23 locations and 170 days alone in the wild. We called him at home in Ontario, Canada, while he was picking raspberries in his garden, to find out a bit more about the new episodes. As it turns out, one of them included the most dangerous experience he’s endured in the wild.

Watch an exclusive Survivorman video clip of that moment and another below.

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