5 Things to Know: July 31 at the Olympics

8_surf - 07Ben Sutherland

The five things you should know if you were only going to know five things about yesterday at the Olympics.

1. We’re maybe seeing the beginning of the career of the greatest female swimmer ever. Or, according to others, we’re seeing a 16-year-old on performance-enhancing drugs. Teenage Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen won the 400m individual medley on Saturday in world-record time, swimming the last 50 meters of her freestyle faster than Ryan Lochte, who swam the second-fastest time ever in winning the men’s event. In the semis of the 200m medley yesterday, Shiwen’s time was neary 1.5 seconds better than anyone else. John Leonard, executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, called it doping without actually calling it doping, and handfuls of lazy columns have done the same. Shiwen, who, again, is a teenager, maintains that she is clean.

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