Your Non-Spoiler Olympic Primetime Guide: July 30

For whatever reason, NBC is refusing to show the majority its primetime-scheduled Olympic events live. Well, they're showing them on their hitch-ridden, computer-crashing website, but they're not playing most of the marquee events when they happen. Maybe it's working (numbers are on a record pace) or maybe it's just pointless and the people who watch in primetime will watch in primetime no matter what. But whatever.

People also have work/life responsibilities during the day, which is when the Olympics are on. Some, maybe, find it possible to avoid the Internet and experience the tape-delayed events like they're live. If you're one of those people, we're here for you. Inspired by the geniuses at Howler Magazine, we'll be providing you with a non-spoiler guide to the night's primetime Olympic events: What you should watch, what you shouldn't watch, and what happened—without actually ruining what happened. We'll have it all for you each afternoon until the Games are over.

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