3 iPhone Accessories You Won't Want to Miss

There are more iPhone accessories on the market than we can count, but we've weeded through some of the newest ones and found three that you'll want to add to your quiver.


Do you wish you had seen the backside view on your last sky dive? The expressions on your friends’ faces when you did the backflip off the balcony at your birthday barbeque? Now you can. Kogeto’s Dot snaps onto your iPhone, and turns it into a 360-degree video camera.

Place your Dot-enabled iPhone flat—whether it's on top of a beer can at your next party or held in your hand—and it gives you a 360-degree scrollable video complete with everything going on in the room. On your phone, you swipe to scroll. It takes a few seconds to calibrate, and auto focuses as it’s shooting. Sound too cool to believe? Check out a tandem sky dive and other video shot with the Dot here. Available now, $49; kogeto.com.

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