This Week's Missing Links, August 11

The week's best articles, videos, and photos that I didn't post—until now.


The Olympics most painful moments in GIFS, Mashable

Breaking down the Women’s Olympic Marathon, The Science of Sport

On Yohan Blake, weight lifting, and muscle cells, Sports Illustrated

Olympic bodies: They just don't make them like they used to, NPR

Detailed examination of the science behind Oscar Pistorius' gait, Sports Illustrated

What the Olympics look like from Space, Wired

Thigh-popping success on a bike, The New York Times

The 10 greatest moments in Olympic distance running, Runner’s World

Breaking down the running style of Fraser-Pryce, Sports Illustrated

Shooting the Olympics with three iPhones and binoculars, Wired

On Kenyan Doping, Runner’s World

Hoopalooza, Grantland

How Nike made track spikes for Oscar Pistorius’ blades, Co.Design

A few words on the other United States women's 100m hurdlers, Outside 


"Women and children, um...." During shipwrecks, does chivalry die? The New York Times

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