5 Things to Know: Olympics Final Weekend

Tamaroa_Satori_1_300Photo: sam_churchill/Flickr

The five things you should know if you were only going to know five things about the final weekend at the Olympics.

1. Jamaica’s 4x100m relay team ran around a track in less than 37 seconds, winning the gold medal and shattering the world record in the process. It’s unfair enough that Jamaica is allowed to use Usain Bolt in this event—let alone every event, because, you know, that whole thing about the Olympics being contested by actual humans—but to pair him with Yohan Blake, someone who runs so fast that it scares people into thinking he will jump into the stands and eat them, is ridiculous. The U.S. came in second and was actually kind of close until Bolt took the baton, but unless he decided to retire mid-race, the Americans stood no chance. But hey, they still set an American record! USA > USA.

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