Who Wins the Olympics if History Never Happens?

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It is common knowledge at this point that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world, which was verified after the Americans won the Olympics. (104 medals, 46 golds, y'all.) Other perks for winning the Olympics: ownership of the sun, blueprints for Leonardo da Vinci’s time machine, the ability to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time, and a chimenea filled with mayonnaise. All pretty objectively awesome things. However, this would all be completely untrue if the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics still existed. Over at Foreign Policy, Joshua Keating writes:

"If you add up all 13 countries you get 163 medals—well ahead of the U.S. total of 104. The USSR would have been awarded 46 golds—tied with the red, white, and blue. With 16.9 percent of the total medals, the hypothetical Soviet Union would have nearly tied the real Soviet Union's haul of 17.8 percent in 1988."

But the Soviet Union isn’t the only country in the world that no longer exists/wasn’t represented in London. How would some other crumpled empires and imaginary nation-states have fared? Will Cookson added up the totals for some of the world’s no-longer-empires.

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