Should a Man Who Left His Dog on a Mountain Be Charged With Animal Cruelty?

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Let's start with the rescue. On August 11, Amanda and Scott Washburn were hiking a Colorado 14er named Mount Bierstadt when they came across a dog on a ledge. She had bloody paws and appeared to be in bad shape. She was too big for them to carry and too hurt to go down on her own. They bandaged her paws, left her water, and took her picture. According to, rangers in the region are not allowed to send rescues for dogs. (Last year, a dog was rescued by helicopter in California.) The couple turned to the Internet. Here is the message they posted on asking for help:

My wife and I were doing Bierstadt/Evans today via Sawtooth. We found a female German Shepherd that was injured and appears to have been there for several days. We gave her food and water but were unable to get her out. Her paws are pretty damaged and she refused to walk (unfortunately she is too big to carry and wasn't cooperative). 

If you are missing her we've attached a photo showing her location. If you need assistance in locating her you can contact me at....

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