11-Year-Old Climber Ashima Shiraishi Sends South Africa

PabstAshima on Steady Plums Direct. Photo: 27crags

Last we heard from fifth-grade climbing wunderkind Ashima Shiraishi, she was fresh off a spring bouldering trip to Hueco Tanks, Texas, and getting some serious press. The New York Times gave her front-page sports coverage (and a cool video) for becoming the youngest female ever to climb a V13 bouldering problem, and she later riffed about climbing in the Olympics in these pages. Now reports are trickling in from South Africa, where she’s spent the past few weeks bouldering outside of Cape Town as the youngest member (by far) of the upcoming bouldering flick Chasing Winter. By all accounts, Ashima, 11, is living up to the massive hype.

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