Don't Be a Dope

Common medications that will—and won't—earn you a suspension

Aug 24, 2012
Outside Magazine
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Viagra    Photo:Felixe/Flickr

Drug*: Propecia
Substance: Finasteride
Banned? No
Why: It blocks the hormones that cause male pattern baldness but won't make you any faster.

Drug: Viagra
Substance: Sildenafil citrate
Banned? No
Why: Faster, stronger, longer—yes. But the performance boost doesn't transfer to sports.

Drug: Ventolin
Substance: Salbutamol
Banned? Yes
Why: Studies have shown a marginal benefit in non-asthma sufferers.

Drug: Marijuana
Substance: THC
Banned? Yes
Why: It's not considered a performance enhancer, but it could still land you a three-month suspension.

Drug: Claritin-D
Substance: Pseudoephedrine
Banned? Yes
Why: Pop enough of it and you're basically racing on speed.

Drug: Prednisone
Substance: Glucocorticosteroid
Banned? Yes
Why: This powerful anti-inflammatory can quell a rogue rash and make you feel like Superman on the course.

Drug: Androgel
Substance: Testosterone
Banned? Yes
Why: Duh.

*For more information from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency about each of these drugs, go to

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