South African Adventurer Dave du Plessis Shot During Amazon Expedition

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If anyone still thinks an argument needs to be made for the value of Facebook, consider the story of adventurer David du Plessis and his mother, Robyn Wolff. The South African adventurer set off in July on a more than 4,000-mile, source-to-sea expedition of the Amazon River. He was posting updates on his blog and through social media. Then, roughly a day ago, his mother received a call. Her son had been hurt while in Peru. She knew little more than that. She had no contacts, did not speak Spanish, and was obviously distraught. Of course, none of that stopped her. The moment after she learned about her son, roughly 20 hours ago this past Sunday, she posted the following message on Facebook.

"I need help. Does anyone know anyone in Peru, Davey has had an accident in the jungle, and I do not know where to start."

And shortly thereafter, another message.

"I am so finished I can't tell you, I have a guys no in Peru. Who called me as he sent a distress. The no is +51 950829330. The guys name is Darwin. He called me. I can't speak Spanish, and I am a distraught mother. Any help, whoever."

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