Kayaker Ben Marr Notches First Complete Descent of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine

430312_333850620041109_102327030_nMarr's line through Site Zed (above) and Marr navigating the rapids. Photo: Double White Diamond/Facebook

Kayaker Ben Marr became the first person to run the full Grand Canyon of the Stikine after he completed Site Zed, the last un-run rapid in the Class V canyon. Truck-sized waves, dangerous circulating eddies, and 1,000-foot-high canyon walls that make rescue difficult have led most adventurers to portage around the rapids. “The real danger at Zed is flush drowning,” says kayaker Rush Sturges, who has run the Stikine twice. “If you were to get caught in a feature and swim, you would be in for a rough time out of your boat. The water is frigid, and the air is generally brisk. Beyond the difficulty of the rapid and the danger, it is also the location, the remoteness, and the length of the rapid that makes it one of the most challenging on earth.”

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