Expedition Watch: Kayaking Waterfalls in the Arctic

AleSocci-GreenPixel_Kaiak4-7481Kayaking Norway. Photo: Ale Socci

"There are some places with mysterious associations and almost mythical character; Norway is one of those places to me. Endless sunlight, cliff-lined fjords, lightning blue rivers flowing from glaciers into the sea, it’s easy to see why. Since I started kayaking I have seen and heard about this Scandinavian kayaking oasis and its unbelievable rivers, but I never thought I would get to paddle here." —Kayaker Chris Korbulic, Born Out There

Kayakers Chris Korbulic, Ben Stookesberry, and Pedro Oliva are in the middle of a 52-day trip to kayak the whitewater of the Arctic. They've been hiking up glaciers, paddling through numbing rapids fed by recently melted ice, and dropping off huge waterfalls. We emailed Stookesberry to learn more about the trip, and included his edited updates below.

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