Weekend Racing Wrap: Vuelta and MTB Worlds

Contador On The Way to Winning the 2012 VueltaContador wasn't as dominant as ever, but it was still enough to win his second Vuelta. Photo: BrakeThrough Media

It's tough to be a cycling fan in this country. Case in point: Over the weekend, the Vuelta a España finished with a bang and the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships showcased cross country racing as exciting as the Olympic Games—and there was zero option for watching any of it on TV.

I groused about this omission at a bar on Sunday night where everyone was rapt by the Bronco/Steelers game, and one guy took the opportunity to inform me that cycling gets no coverage because, "They're all dopers anyway." (Nevermind those "all natural" 300-pound footballers who can move almost as fast as Usain Bolt.) Of course, there are places to watch cycling online, and if you took time to tune in over the weekend you were treated to some of the most exciting racing of the season. In case you missed it, here's the wrap:

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