Skier Andreas Fransson in 'Tempting Fear' Trailer

Reporter Devon O'Neil of ESPN has closely followed the career of Swedish alpinist and skier Andreas Fransson for years. When the trailer for Tempting Fear, a new movie about Fransson was released this week, he wrote a detailed review that went into the evolution of the athlete and the film.

When Mike Douglas of Switchback Entertainment first set out to film the 29-year-old skier, he was hoping to make a five-minute short. Fransson broke his neck and nearly died in a 2010 avalanche on the Col de l'Aiguille Verte and had a reputation as one of the best extreme skiers in Chamonix. As Douglas discovered, the skier also had a knack for articulating his descents and vision that needed a bigger treatment. "But I started reading his blog and thought, Wow, this guy is way more interesting than the average pro skier out there," Douglas told O'Neil . "Shortly after starting, I realized it would be a shame to only spend five minutes in his head."

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