Twelve Weeks to Glory

Any ex-jock with two weeks to burn can run a decent 5K. Want a real running goal? Race a blistering-fast half marathon with this 12-week training plan from TERRENCE MAHON, who coaches American half-marathon record holder Ryan Hall.

Jan 24, 2008
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Half Marathon

Crucial workouts for half-marathon training    Photo: Illustration by Jameson Simpson

Print out the PDF of our half-marathon training plan and stick it on your bulletin board. It will keep you motivated and on track (no pun intended).

How to Run Intervals
Consult the Pace Key below for your starting speed and make each interval slightly faster than the last. Jog for 90 seconds between intervals. Focus on having your feet land under you and let your hands drop below your waist: A relaxed upper body saves energy. Quit when you have one fast interval left in you.

How to Run Hill Repeats
For short sprints (under a minute), choose a steep grade. Keep your eyes fixed 40 yards uphill. If your head drops, your stride length will suffer. You'll need more recovery time after each hill, so let your heart rate drop below 70% of your max before starting the next hill. Finish with ten minutes of easy jogging.

Mile paces are for a target= 90-minute half-marathon time.

Warm-up and warm-down
Run at 65-70% max heart rate.
Mile pace: 8:40-9:20

Easy runs and long runs
Run at 70-79% max heart rate.
Mile pace: 7:40-8:40

Half-marathon simulations
Run at 80-85% max heart rate.
Mile pace: 6:50-7:10

Progression runs
Run at 85-90% max heart rate.
Mile pace: 6:40-6:55

Run at 88-93% max heart rate.
Mile pace: 6:25-6:40

Strides and hills
Mile pace: 6:00-6:10

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