9 Reported Dead, at Least 6 Believed Missing on Manaslu

Nine climbers are reported dead following the massive avalanche that swept through Camp III on Manaslu this past Sunday, according to both the Associated Press and The Guardian. A local police chief said eight of the bodies had been taken down off of the mountain and a ninth body remained at Camp III. At least six people are still believed to be missing on the slopes of the world's eighth-highest mountain, according to the AP and CTV.

Reports said that more than two dozen climbers were stationed at Camp III when the avalanche hit. Debris swept down to Camp II, where teams gathered to help in the rescue and recovery efforts. A total of 231 guides and climbers were on the mountain, but most were in lower camps, according to the AP. It is not the first tragic accident on Manaslu. An avalanche in 1972 left 16 dead.

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