Feedback, September 2012

For our second-annual Interview Issue (July) we sat down with nearly two dozen outspoken personalities to talk about everything from the environment to doping to spectacular crashes (yes, we're talking about you, Jeb Corliss). Readers' reactions to the conversations varied considerably. On BASE jumper Corliss: "Another pompous jackass participating in a completely useless 'sport,'" said one on Facebook. (Others were more understanding: "If you're going to make a living in BASE, you've got to be like Corliss and be a bit out there.") On writer and survivalist Robert Young Pelton: "That guy rules." On sprinter Justin Gatlin: "Cheater." On filmmakers Robert and Jamie Redford and their new documentary, Watershed: "Here's to the revival of our rivers." And on decathlete Trey Hardee: "This guy is amazing!" Of course, not all readers were stoked on the cover image of a shirtless Hardee hoisting a javelin. "An armpit for an entire month?" wrote Bill Arrants, of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. "Give me a break. These issues with half-dressed men on the cover go to the hidden section of my magazine rack." "The human body is beautiful," wrote another reader. "But please, there's enough cheesecake in this world."

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