A Stand-Up Paddleboard Made From Coconut Fibers

NSP cocomat SUP hi res

Artists often find inspiration in their environment. It turns out, sometimes, product managers do too.

Here’s the story: One of New Surf Project's (NSP's) product managers rides his bike by a coconut farm on his way to work at NSP’s factory every day. One day he notices that the discarded coconut husks in a pile on the farm’s perimeter look very similar to the fiberglass NSP specs in its surfboards. The product manager stops. Curious, he picks up a few discarded husks and squeezed them into his pannier, next to his computer and his lunch. When he reaches the factory, he put the husks through a battery of tests. What he finds: coconut husks have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than fiberglass. That means that coconut fibers could theoretically make a surfboard or paddleboard both lighter and stronger.

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