Fatbike Expedition Comes to a Quiet Halt

Andrew Badenoch raised nearly $10,500 via Kickstarter to fund his zero-fuel Arctic adventure, but he abandoned his trip and left his backers in the dark.

77zero_portraits-026-6402 Andrew Badenoch. Photo: Joe Bell

Back in February, I wrote about Andrew Badenoch, an ambitious Portlander who had just raised nearly $10,500, via Kickstarter, to fund a solo fatbike and packraft trip from Bellingham, Washington, to the southern coast of the Arctic Ocean and back—a staggering, 7,000-mile journey. All this was despite the fact that Badenoch had no appropriate expedition experience. What he did have was a snazzy website, a compelling pitch video on Kickstarter, and a lot of ambition. I called that story "The Curious Case of Andrew Badenoch."

Since then, the story has gotten more and more curious. Due to logistical challenges, he launched his expedition many weeks after his target departure. He made it up to a small town in north central British Columbia, roughly 830 miles from Bellingham. He holed up there for at least a couple of weeks, apparently trying to arrange for food and gear deliveries, but then turned back south sometime in mid-August, it appears. I do not have exact dates or specific details of his trip because Badenoch has never provided them to me, or to his 212 Kickstarter backers.

In fact, his Kickstarter backers have not heard from him since May 3.

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