Expedition Watch: Swimming the Missouri River

Tumblr_mb595ae3As1rrsp00Cornthwaite playing for the camera. Photo: DaveCornthwaite.com

On August 10, British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite hopped into the Missouri River near Chamberlain, South Dakota, with a 40-pound, gear-filled raft and started swimming south. Since then, he has stroked for roughly 12 hours a day while dragging the raft behind him. As he swims, he tries to avoid floating debris and tree branches lurking just under the surface of the water. The expedition is the seventh installment of his quest to complete 25 journeys of 1,000 miles or more without assistance from motorized transport. He got the idea for his latest gig while stand-up paddling the Mississippi River just north of Saint Louis, Missouri. "I looked up a short stretch of the river and thought, One day, my friend," said Cornthwaite. "Then my mum got me some swimming goggles for Christmas and I thought I better use them well."

We emailed Cornthwaite a day before the end of his journey to find out a bit more.

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