Steger Mukluks: The Ultimate Winter Boot


Steger Moosehide Mukluks are the ultimate winter boot. That’s why they’re routinely used on major expeditions in the Arctic, Antarctica, and for events like the Iditarod.

Patti Steger, Steger Mukluk owner and Mukluker-in-Chief, wore them for the first time on an Arctic expedition in 1982. That's also when she learned to sew them. By 1985, just three years after that expedition, Steger was making Mukluks out of her house for people who would provide their own leather. Now, 27 years later, she has a staff of 30, and makes 12,000-14,000 pairs every year.

One selling point that's held since the beginning: They’re twice as warm and half the weight of traditional winter boots. Made in the northern Cree Indian style, they have durable, flexible treaded rubber soles, and they stay flexible and supple for years. "Remember that flexibility, breathability and insulation are the keys to warm feet," Steger says. "One pound of weight on your feet equals five pounds on your lower back. Heavier doesn’t mean warmer."

The moosehide and canvas Arctic model is the top choice for expeditions, and Steger’s warmest Mukluk with the most aggressive sole.

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