True Inspiration, October 2012

Ryan Barnhart spent three years commuting two hours each day to a real estate firm in Los Angeles—an experience he describes as "utter, miserable hell." Then, in 2010, he received Outside's May issue, with our story on the 50 best companies in America. "I applied to all 50," says Barnhart, now 34. "I didn't care what the job was." In July 2010, he signed on with G5, a tech company in Bend, Oregon. Today, 25 pounds lighter, Barnhart bikes two traffic-free miles to work and has time to hit the trails with his fiancee in the evenings. He bought a 1,600-square-foot house for as much as it cost him to rent his L.A. apartment, and, he says, "a dozen L.A. friends inquire weekly about openings at G5."

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