Lance Armstrong Steps Down as Livestrong Chairman, Nike Severs Ties With Athlete

3839695921_2015188638_bLance Armstrong. Photo: Andersbjorkhaug/Flickr

On Tuesday, the Livestrong Foundation announced Lance Armstrong’s decision to step down as chairman. "I have had the great honor of serving as this foundation's chairman for the last five years and its mission and success are my top priorities,” said Armstrong in a press release. “Today therefore, to spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding my cycling career, I will conclude my chairmanship."

The Associated Press soon reported that, "Within minutes, Nike said that it would end its relationship with him 'due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade.'" The decision came a day after a group of cyclists protested the athletic company's involvement with Armstrong. Nike will continue to work with Livestrong, according to the AP.

The decisions came roughly a week after the USADA released a report that said Armstrong was the ringleader in "a massive team doping scheme, more extensive than any previously revealed in professional sports history."

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