Japanese Climber Nobukazu Kuriki Pushes on in Attempt to Summit Everest

Everest_Infographic_04192012_MAINRed line represents the West Ridge route, Spring 2012. Illustration: Grayson Schaffer

On Wednesday morning around 10:00 EST, Japanese climber Nobukazu Kuriki made it clear that he plans to push on toward the summit of Mount Everest. "Then left towards the Summit of Mount Everest," said an update on his Facebook page. "Bitter cold, and stars but out of sight, in the dark, is really like a space station. I'll see you at the top. So, I'm going! Please everyone pray."

It is not entirely clear from his Facebook page where he was on the mountain when that announcement was posted, but updates suggest that he is at 7,500 meters or higher along the West Ridge route. "The West Ridge is one of the more difficult routes on Everest, no question," said Conrad Anker.

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