Velopresso: A Cleaner Way to Dope

VelopressoVelopresso, the ultimate café cruiser.

With the crush of bad news about EPO and testosterone and blood doping in the last week, we're thrilled to bring you an uplifting story about bikes and everybody's favorite performance-enhancing substance: caffeine.

Amos Reid and Lasse Oiva, design students from London's Royal College of Art, have unveiled a pedal-powered mobile coffee stand that they call the Velopresso. Two Gates Carbon Belt Drives sit at the heart of the cart's drivetrain, which has been modified so that pedaling can both move the cart forward and grind the beans for the espresso. “We conceived this as part of the global renaissance in cycling culture that is being driven by the desire for more sustainable cities and lifestyles,” says Reid. “The urban coffee scene is also converging with cycling, and Velopresso engages directly with these cultures.”

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