Your Half-Baked Weekend Plans

For the past three years, we’ve been inundated with answers to a simple question via Facebook: “What are you doing outside this weekend?” Behold: your most, er, innovative itineraries.

Oct 18, 2012
Outside Magazine
x-ray bones body cadaver Facebook readers feedback

X-ray.    Photo: Dim Dimich/Shutterstock

“X-raying a cadaver”

“In-line skating. I’m waiting for my roller-skiing poles to arrive.”

“Pond skimming at Taos Ski Valley. I’ll be there with my lime green tutu on.”

“Waiting for the political situation in Guinea-Bissau to calm down so I can fly out tomorrow”

“Climbing Mount St. Helens in a dress! Happy early Mother’s Day!”

“Making a leather arrow quiver”

“Building a wall, clearing a pond, running 5K in a rhino costume, and stage-managing a performance ... while trying not to fail high school!”

“Looking for Gila monsters in the monsoon-filled deserts of Arizona”

“Judging all you sinners” (sent from Sonora, Mexico)

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From Outside Magazine, Oct 2012

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